Musician. Producer. Teacher.


Have a particular idea you need help with?

A full-service experience

At #SEONN, our goal is to encourage you to express your creative gifts on the go. We believe that technology should not be a limitation from one achieving their dreams, goals, and aspirations.


Need a song done but only have lyrics? How about a sick loop, but don't know how to take the idea further? Mixing or mastering services? Let our team at #SEONN help you deliver your best song yet.


We also help you build that music home studio, YouTube channel, or streamer setup, or something just for a special event.

From general consultation, to setting it up from scratch, we get the job done.


Whether you're a skilled pianist, an intermediate guitarist, a teenager who is interested in rapping, a beginner bassist, or want to learn how to be a DJ or Producer? #SEONN has your answer.

We believe that there is a creative spirit in each person. This is why we offer a full-service experience tailored to your needs, including producing, consulting, and teaching services.