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Memorable Moments

A collection of content showcasing my musical journey using iOS, and Android mobile devices

Year 4 - Meeting unexpected people, Optimizing my Musical Workflow

Armin Van Buuren

Got behind the scenes to see Armin Van Buuren in action.

Jonas Blue

Met Tropical EDM Producer, Jonas Blue in Toronto.


Got behind the scenes to see the rock band, Switchfoot.

Adam Levine

Making a stop in Toronto, I got to see Maroon 5 live. Adam Levine/James Valentine actually gave us a pick (who I ended up giving to a young fan).

Playing for a TV Show using my phone

Played six (6) episodes for a TV show using my mobile music production gear.

Learning Garageband with Marc Brault

Travelled to the town of Montreal, and got to learn from Marc on his iOS workflow.

Interview with an iOS Developer (MusicPutty)

Met an iOS App Developer and talked about the future of music production as an app developer.

Learning Nanostudio 2 with Russ

Met up with the legendary iOS Producer, Russ, who revealed some of his Nanostudio 2 secrets

How to DJ Using FREE Mobile Apps

What happens when an iOS Producer meets up with a professional DJ? In this video, we met up with Breakz of Dawns to learn some DJ tips and tricks

An unexpected iOS Studio Tour

Met up with Jo and Barrie Glenn and learned new ways of how to play the guitar using different tuning, and how they got into iOS Music making

Visiting the Detroit Auto Show

Spent the day in Detroit looking at the future of Mobile Music Production...Electric Cars

Year 3 - Getting out of the mobile studio, Reviewing my workflow

Gravitas | What's in an iOS Studio?

Went all the way to the UK to learn from Gravitas. He's a phenomenal producer, and I learned a lot about Modular Synthesis using Drambo

Embracing Beatmaker 3

Learning to embrace Beatmaker 3

Thoughts about Cubasis

Having doubts between Cubasis 3 and Beatmaker on how to use them? Or which is better? This is the video for you.

Understanding Nanostudio 2

Favorite Sounds and Plugins in Cubasis

Getting Started with Beatmaker 3

Desktop Plugins that are on an iPad

Using Ampify Apps to make a song on iOS

Making a song using Cubasis

My Favorite Apps on iOS

Made a list of my favorite iOS apps which I'll be using

Switching my Workflow Completely?

Had a realization that I needed to find creative ways of using the apps I have.

Year 2 - Finding a workflow, and getting used to collaborative projects

First Collaboration Project

Met up with AHAVV and made a project in nature.

Search for a MIDI Controller

Turns out some keyboard controllers have some special interations with iOS Devices.

Favorite Music Making Workflow

Using Garageband and TONALY, I've been able to make music easily on iOS. Here's a video showing that workflow.